Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011


Orgy Of Murder is their third full-length after quite some time. The band split up a few years ago but reformed in 2010. The previous full-length is dated back from 2003. So it’s about time to hear something from Gorgasm again. The artwork and the title tells you enough what the lyrical content will be. Enough gore and perversion for all of us! Orgy Of Murder is fast with nice grooves here and there. There’s plenty of variation between sorts of riffs like blast beats, breakdowns and melodies. There’s actually nothing bad to point out. Everything is well produced. The vocals are clear, and so are the backing vocals, which is another plus. The same goes for the drums. The double bass is not used too often and there are a lot of tempo changes. And the guitars are divided by a left and right guitar. The guitars play a lower and a higher melody after playing the melody for a second time. Of course this is not the case during the little breakdowns. This is a great album for the death metal fans out there. Cool riffs and lots of variation with a few short intros. And short intros are okay; long intros can get annoying when you listen to it very often. Taking everything into account: Orgy Of Murder is half an hour of brutal quality.
Rating: 8/10
Tracklist:  1. Bloodlust 2. Dity Cunt Beatdown 3. Axe To Mouth 4. Infection Induced Erection 5. Decapitation Sodomy 6. Exhibit Of Repugnance 7. Cum Inside The Carcass 8. Third Degree Taste 9. Erotic Dislimbing 10. Scourge Of The Christians 11. Silence Follows Dismemberment

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