Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011

Burzum Belus (Baldr/Baldur)

came out of prison. It is a concept album about Belus (Baldr/Baldur), his death and how he returned after a journey through the underworld.
The album starts with a more ambient intro. There is total silence and a sound that is hard to describe. The first song, Belus’ Død attracts immediate attention. It’s a mid tempo song and it stays this way. Varg Vikernes changes clean vocals with grunt sometimes. The distorted guitars and drums are pretty repetitive during the song. Glemselens Elv. The intro is more dynamic and the bassguitar is very present during this song. It’s a little bit faster then Belus’ Død’. Clean vocals are mixed with grunts during the whole song.It stays like this for about twelve minutes, with ofcourse some tempo changes and so on. The next song, Kaimadalthas’ Nedstigning starts more agressive then the other songs. A wall of guitarnoise is coming right at you. This changes during the song, I think this will be the most diverse song on the album. There are a lot of intervals, with vocals of guitarriffs. If I needed to pick a favorite song, it would be this one. Sverrdans, a short up tempo song, with a cool guitarrif, getting faster and the end. A nice change amongst all the mid-tempo songs of this album. Keliohosten& Morgenrøde are very spheric songs. Especially Morgenrøde sounds almost dreamy because of the variation of the guitars. After three minutes this song becomes an instrumental song. Belus’ Tilbakekomst is the outro of this album, almost hypnotising at the end.
Diversity may not be Belus’ strongest point but the album itself is very good. There are some repetitive parts but they are not boring, not a dull moment while listening. It’s spheric and and raw.Varg made a damn good album, make sure you listen to it!

Rating: 8/10.

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