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Beyond Fiction

Farhan S. Iswan - Vocals

Ronnie Styles - Guitar/Shred

Nik Nazwan - Bass

Razqan - Drums
Record label
Victorious Rock Productions
This Town Ain't Big Enough For The 60,000 of us.
Straight up Music lovers and we kill!
Beyond Fiction is a Metal band hailing from the west side of Brunei, Kuala Belait town.

Beyond Fiction was formed by Ronnie Styles. The Band loves to write music and is all about experimenting with different types of approaches, thus creating new type of innovative sounds, riff/chord progressions and beats. Not forgetting we like to keep things Melodic and full of heavy fury.

Being well known as one of Brunei's Metal acts, Beyond Fiction will be releasing their debut album somewhere this July 2011. Including remastered bonus tracks for their previous EP demos.

Hope theres gonna be good support from everybody. We are gonna be a promising one. We promise
Current Location:Brunei
General manager:Ronnie Styles
Booking agent:+6738836109

Children of Bodom, Dream Theater, Pantera, All shall Perish, As blood runs black, Scar symmetry, Periphery, Dream Evil, Firewind, Killswitch Engaged, Nevermore, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Sacred Mother Tongue, Thella Barrio, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, 8control

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Shadow Of Death

Another Death Metal act from Sibu Sarawak.In progress of recording their upcoming PROMO CD 2011.. \m/

Api - Vocalist
Putera J.M - Bassist
Daydex Mason - Guitarist
Sunny - Guitarist
Dirhaka - Drum

shajkul akrak



Kremation - Let Them Hate and Fear

KREMATION - Let Them Hate and Fear (Promo 2011)
2 tracks
Free outdoor sticker (4"x4") + Flyers
Price RM12 *byhand
Produce by Eastern Voice Production
Release on 20 Mei 2011 (Out Now)


Shamanic Rites Iblysssyaithannirajim

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The Mystickal East


The Mystickal East
Genre: Majestic Ambient
Country: Brunei Darussalam
Album: "The Rebirth, The Emptiness...My Despair" album 2011
Total Play Time: 18 : 53 min.
Date Release: 6 Aug. 2011

Track List: 1. Grim + 2. Raninidera Inran + 3. Paled + 4. Grim (Epilogue)

Price(p+p): 6 USD or 5 Euro


Sarpanitum interview (09/2011)


Barry: So, it's been over four years since your debut, what has been happening since? There's been some amount of line-up changes... what caused all that?

Tom Hyde: Yeah, it has been a while! Well we played our last show with the line up of me, Mark Broster, Sean Broster and Vic Lochab in late 2008 and since then the band went on hiatus. At that moment in time we wanted a break from playing live in order to have some time to write new material and towards a second album. However at that time between the band we were either advancing in our careers or our education, half the band were in the final year of university and of course that takes up a lot of time and concentration so somehow the band was put on hold for a while and the writing gradually became less often. Throughout this time I still jammed with Tom as we really did not want to stop writing music, particularly extreme metal. At this point, as not much as happening with the current line up of Sarpanitum and myself and Tom were busy writing and jamming together we believed the best thing was for Tom to come back in the band. Mark and Sean had a amicable split from the band as we wanted to start releasing new material and play live again which, at that point in time Mark and Sean were not able to commit to this.

Barry: So does the band have a full line-up that can play live now? I know this is sometimes the hardest bit...

Tom Hyde: Yes defiantly! So whilst me and Tom were writing, I asked my friend Luke Archer who used to play in Visions Through Hate to take the duties for rhythm guitar and we got in contact with Steve Powell (Anaal Nathrakh, Detrimentum) who seemed very keen to play and blew us away! I think the hardest bit is to find those who have the ability to play fast and tight as well as the desire to do better which explains why we have had so many line up changes. All I can say though is that Me, Tom, Luke, Vic and Steve feel confident and ready to hit the live arena again!

Barry: Well that's good news... so let's look back at the debut album for a moment. When I reviewed it in 2007 I thought there was a massive influence from Behemoth - did you hear that a lot about the album? Were you listening to them a lot at the time or something?

Tom Hyde: Hahaha! Yes, we did. Well with the concept of the first album its based on "The Gilgamesh" which is this ancient Mesopotamian story and of course being based in the middle east we did want the music to interpret a certain "eastern" flare in the style of music which I find also when I listen to Behemoth. I think with the Behemoth comparison again, they like to play big almost film-score like parts with fast speed which makes the riffs particularly brutal. At that time we did listen to Behemoth, but that was one of many bands that we listen to.

Barry: So now there's the Fidelium EP... does it have an official release date?

Tom Hyde: Yes it is released now. It is a independent release through ourselves, we released it as online download to begin with in Spring this year but have now released it on EP and is available via our website.

Barry: It's a really cool EP, quite different to your debut album... more atmospheric elements in there, what influenced this direction?

Tom Hyde: Well we wanted to keep the ethic of being brutal although having stand-out atmospheric elements. We knew that when we were going to release again we did not want to do "Despoilment Of Origin Part II" and in particular wanted to change the concept and did not want to limit ourselves to just basing our music on ancient Mesopotamia. I think Tom will agree on me here that we love brutal music but when you bring something else to it, it make it that much more interesting and diverse. It's trying to keep the balance between brutality and being melody and it's very easy to slip to either side. So back to atmosphere as a band we do not just listen to metal or extreme metal but find many genres of music bring influence. Particularly classical, new-age ambient and sometimes even some electronic music.

Tom Innocenti: I'm personally heavily influenced by black metal in particular. Also some of the riffs come from listening to post-rock and of course Gregorian chant and renaissance choral music.

Barry: So looking at the change of theme, can you explain it to me - the cover of the EP and lyrics, is it about the Knights Templar or something? I know nothing about history, hahaha...

Tom Hyde: Yeah sure! Okay so mainly the concept is based on the first crusade of the Normans going to the holy land in order to conquer and to be repented of their sins. Each of the four tracks covers a different event in that period of history which we explore both in the structure of songs and the lyrics.

Tom Innocenti: Just to correct Tom it wasn't just the Normans haha. Anyway, the crusades, particularly the first have always fascinated me. The EP has quite primitive lyrics to reflect the subject matter really, all-out warfare. The first track being about the fall of Jerusalem through Christian eyes, the second being the fall of Antioch through an Islamic perspective, the 3rd instrumental being from the Islamic perspective again and finally the last track being about the founding of the Knights Templar.

Barry: What inspired this as a theme for your music?

Tom Hyde: Well Tom (Innocenti) had done a solo black metal project called Balor a few years ago which was based around that period of history. When I heard Balor I thought it was great how Tom integrated Gregorian choirs and a feel of that time into fast black metal. So we toyed at first the idea of using Gregorian and medieval styled riffs and integrating it with both black metal and brutal death metal and were really pleased with the results. Also lyrically we found more connection with what was happening at that moment in history and how it provoked moral questions and behaviour. Before Andy Techakosit left we had spoke about doing the next release based on Genghis Khan which we had discussed but found that we had a lot more connection at that moment of time with that period of history which we hope our music captures some elements of this.

Tom Innocenti: As Tom said it was the connection with current affairs that was really key in using this period. The middle-east has always been the subject of desire be it for sacred religious ground or oil.

Barry: You had Leon (Mithras) master it, and you recorded it in his studio - you can certainly hear his influence in there comparing to the Mithras sound... is that what you wanted to go for?

Tom Hyde: Yeah defiantly. With the first album we had recorded it in different studio to Dreaming Studio's (Leons Studio) and it had only been mastered there so we were keen to record and work from scratch there. We worked with Leon doing some of the vocal takes and lead guitars for Despoilment Of Origin and it was great to work with someone so driven and enthusiastic about the music that we play. We are fans of Mithras and I think that we play pretty much in the same sub-genre of music so we thought it would be wise to work with him. He gets the best results from us and genuinely wants that for us as well. Yes, it is different from Despoilment Of Origin and we are really happy with the sound of the latest EP.

Barry: So you must be working on your follow-up album now... what's the progress for it like? Do you think it'll be in the same vein as the EP?

Tom Hyde: Yeah, were still quite keen on working around the idea of the crusades. So far we are still at the writing stage but will make more announcements once we have more material. All further material will be made towards a full length, in the mean time we are hoping to gig and tour with Fidelium before releasing more material.

Barry: That's cool. So I saw the band at the Zero Tolerance show in London in 2008 and I presume that was one of the last shows you did... did you get to tour the UK much before that, or even on mainland Europe anywhere?

Tom Hyde: Yeah that was our last show! Yeah we played around the UK including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bristol and we were lucky enough to play the Eindhoven Deathfest in 2006, that was great to finally play abroad. Something we hope to do again!

Barry: Yeah, I'm sure it'll happen - there're so many death metal festivals around now.

Tom Hyde: At Eindhoven it was great as well as we finally had the chance to meet, see and play with some of our favourite bands... Yeah, in the UK we have Bloodstock which is for various extreme metal bands, I've heard Germany and America are great for festivals. It's great to have a variety of bands at these shows.

Barry: Yeah, there's a million festivals in Germany. So anyway, in the meantime are you going to be searching for a label to release the album, or do you have other ideas about releasing it?

Tom Hyde: Yeah we will be sending Fidelium to various labels to release our next album.

Barry: So we've talked about the EP and the future, I guess things are looking up now the ball is rolling with the band again. How big do you think Sarpanitum can get? Are you interested in being "big", or is this just like a hobby?

Tom Hyde: I'll let Tom answer that one.

Tom Innocenti: Well to be honest as much potential as we have, especially with this new line-up, it would be very unrealistic to think we are going to 'make it big'. That's not to say that we don't take the band seriously, we take it very seriously indeed. Its more than a hobby definitely but we all have lives outside of making music the other guys being in full time work and me being a student. We would of course like to 'make it big' but what interests us the most is making music that both Tom and I would personally like to hear come from an extreme metal band.

Tom Hyde: I think Tom's explained how I feel better than I can! I mean yeah, I would love to write the music I do for a living but I honestly don't know how big we can get... Sarpanitum is definitely a lot more than "a hobby" I find it vital to write music and very constructive and positive to make a sound structure of your thoughts and feelings which we do in Sarpanitum. We are really happy with the line up and we are all driven to play shows and write more songs which I think are more valued principals than just "wanting to make it big".

Barry: Is it true that the guy who designed the Emperor logo also did yours?

Tom Hyde: Yeah it was Christophe Szpajdel - he met us in 2003 or so when he was living in Birmingham and was very keen to listen in to our band practises and draw various different band logos. He would spend most the time doing that, he's a really talented guy! We told him about the concept of the band and how Sarpanitum is the wife of Marduk (ancient god of war) and how we wrote songs on ancient Mesopotamia and he drew the snakes in the logo which we thought was pretty cool and how it is not too difficult to read.

Barry: Well that answered my next question, hahaha. I was wondering what "Sarpanitum" was...

Tom Hyde: Yeah it is another word for "Ishtar" another term was "Sarpanit"

Barry: It would be pretty funny if you toured with the band Marduk...

Tom Hyde: Hahaha yeah! Im sure there is a joke in that somewhere but I'll leave that to the readers!

Barry: Haha, have you ever been tempted to go on Britain's Got Talent for a laugh?

Tom Innocenti: Haha, we could be the next Lordi!

Tom Hyde: Well I saw a YouTube video of a guy from Norway I think? How had corpse painted himself up screeching at the judges, but the poor sod was just shot down really. I don't really know Simon Cowell would dig Sarpanitum, although I like how assertive and driven he is! There is no messing about when it comes to Simon Cowell!

Tom Innocenti: I could never trust a man who has a parting in hair as short as his

Barry: They do live auditions in front of a big audience in some arena now I think, you'd get the chance to play half a song in front of a few thousand people... someone in there might like it, hahaha.

Tom Hyde: Yeah but those trousers? Only a determined badass wears trousers that high whilst wearing sunglass's sipping champagne at a nice resort in Spain!

Barry: Hahaha, he does it because he can. So anyway, in my review of the EP I said that there was a slight tone of The Monolith Deathcult in there... do you know about this Dutch band?

Tom Innocenti: We love them yeah! Tom H especially.

Tom Hyde: Yeah we love them! I First heard of The Monolith Deathcult when they were just called "Monolith" on a French metal magazine Metallian CD sampler and continued to listen to the band. When they released The White Crematorium I was amazed. It is still one of my favourite death metal albums, so when we got to play with them and Macabre in Birmingham I felt really honoured to meet them and play with them. Nice blokes as well!

Barry: That's really cool, I'd love to see them at some point.

Tom Hyde: There amazing, you have to see them, they have a samplist live when I saw them which really brings out the energy that you hear on the albums! I have not seen them play any off their latest CD yet, but I really hope we can meet and play with them again!

Barry: So I've pretty much asked what I can - your EP is out now, what would you both like to say to get people to check it out?

Tom Hyde: Firstly I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this interview and to Barry and Metal Storm for organizing this for us! What I would say if that if you are a fan of brutal death metal and black metal with atmospheric elements then check us out. We have one song online from our latest EP Fidelium titled "Before The Walls" if you are keen on this then you can grab both our releases from our website or Bigcartel site. Alternatively we are playing live in Birmingham soon November 19th at the Aslyum 2 and have more gigs to follow around the UK. - Tom want to add anything?

Tom Innocenti: No not really that covers it thanks for the interview though its much appreciated.

Tom Hyde: Yeah thanks for that Barry!



Wacken Open Air 2012

Location: Germany, Wacken
Date: 02-04 August 2012
Website: http://www.wacken.com
Organizer: ICS Event Service

150 €
Buy at www.metaltix.com

Amon Amarth
Dimmu Borgir
Cradle Of Filth
Gamma Ray
Paradise Lost
Machine Head
Dark Funeral
Napalm Death
Six Feet Under
In Extremo
Axel Rudi Pell
Sick Of It All

Party.San Open Air 2012 - Immortal Confirmed As Headliner

Immortal has been confirmed as one of the headliners for next year's Party.San Open Air in Schlotheim, Germany. The festival takes place in August 9-11, 2012.

The festival will be held at Airfield Obermehler and Tankard, Archgoat and Nocte Obducta are some of the other names confirmed so far.



Country: Japan
Genre: Thrash Metal


01) Trace of Insanity 4:59
02) Stab in the Back 4:02
03) Bind Torture Kill 3:20
04) Retaliation for the Wretch 5:19
05) Gaze into the Brain 5:14
06) Infected with the Blood 4:41
07) Leviathan 3:44
08) Impudence of Brutality 4:04
09) Hollow the Pledge (Bonus Track) 5:15

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•MISERY INDEX "We Hope To Come Back Again"


•Download - Revolusi Muzik Digital?





• Deck 82 • Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights • Microsoft Touch
• Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini• Asus Eee Pad Slider• Zagg InvisibleSHIELD
• Screen Protector • Hanfree • Targus HeatDefense




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Discografia | Discography - Concerto Moon

Origin: Japan (Kagawa)
Genre: Power | Neoclassical Metal

Current line-up
Takashi Inoue - Vocals (Blood IV)
Norifumi Shima - Guitar (Double Dealer, D.T.F.M., Crystal Clear (Jpn), Dion (Jpn))
Toshiyuki Sugimori - Bass (2009-)
Masayuki Osada - Drums (Blood IV, Crystal Clear (Jpn), Emerald Aisles, Shrieker, Moonstruck (Jpn)

From Father To Son[1998]
Fragments Of The Moon[2000]
The End of the Beginning(Live album)[2001]
Gate Of Triumph[2001]
Destruction And Creation(Best of/Compilation)[2002]
Life On The Wire[2003]
(Live)Once in a Life Time[2003]
After the Double Cross[2004]
Rise from Ashes[2008]
Angel of Chaos[2010]

Discografia | Discography - Amon Amarth

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Sweden (Stockholm)
Lyrical Themes: Vikings, Warfare, Norse Mythology
Formed In: 1992
Current Label: Metal Blade


Current Members:

Johan Hegg - Vocals
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitar
Johan Söderberg - Guitar
Ted Lundström - Bass
Fredrik Andersson - Drums

Former | Past Members:

Anders Hansson (1992-1998)

Nico Kaukinen (1992-1996)
Martin Lopez (1996-1998)



1998 - Once Sent From The Golden Hall
1999 - The Avenger
2001 - The Crusher
2002 - Versus The World (Limited Edition)
2004 - Fate Of Norns (Limited Edition)
2006 - With Oden On Our Side (Limited Edition)
2008 - Twilight of the Thunder God (Limited Edition)
2009 - The Crusher (Remastered 2CD)

Demos, Split And EP:

1993 - Thor Arise
1994 - The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter
1996 - Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
2004 - Fate Of Norns Release Shows
2010 - Greatest Hits - Hymns To The Rising Sun (Japanese Edition)


2006 - Wrath Of The Norsemen (DVDRip)

Disc 1: Live In Cologne
Disc 2: Live In Summer Breeze 2005

Samael - A Decade In Hell

Samael - A Decade In Hell

Discografia | Discography - Anthrax

Genre: Speed | Thrash | Groove Metal
Lyrical Themes: Humor | Tough Life | Social Issues | Antifascism
Origin: United States
Location: Yonkers, New York


Current Members:
* Joey Belladonna: Vocals
* Rob Caggiano: Guitars (Lead)
* Scott Ian: Guitars (Rhythm)
* Frank Bello: Bass
* Charlie Benante: Drums

Past Members:
* Dan Lilker: Bass
* Paul Kahn: Bass
* Kenny Kushner: Bass
* Greg D'Angelo: Drums
* Dave Weiss: Drums
* Greg Walls: Guitars
* Jason Rosenfeld: Vocals
* John Connelly: Vocals
* Dirk Kennedy: Vocals
* Neil Turbin: Vocals
* Bob Berry: Guitars
* Dan Spitz: Guitars
* Matt Fallon: Vocals
* John Bush: Vocals
* Paul Crook: Guitars
* Dan Nelson: Vocals


1984 - Fistful Of Metal
1985 - Armed And Dangerous (EP)
1985 - Spreading The Disease
1987 - I'm The Man
1987 - Among The Living
1988 - State Of Euphoria
1989 - Penikufesin (EP)
1990 - Persistence Of Time
1993 - Sound Of White Noise
1994 - Live (The Island Years)
1995 - Stomp 442
1998 - Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real
2003 - We've Come For You All (Limited Edition)
2003 - Taking The Music Back (Single)
2004 - Music Of Mass Destruction
2004 - The Greater Of Two Evils (2CD Limited Edition)
2005 - Alive 2 (Special Edition)
2009 - Caught In A Mosh: BBC Live In Concert (VBR 220 Kbit/s)
2011 - Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't (Single)
2011 - Worship Music

Rusuah - In The Void (2011)


Genre: Black Metal / Ambient
Country: Indonesia

01. I'm In The Void
02. Dance With Satan
03. Run The Demons
04. Desperate Cry
05. All Is Done
06. Galav (Persetan Dengan Tuhan)
07. Welcome To The New World
08. M.L.G.2

Noxa - Legacy

Country : Indonesia
Genre : Hardcore | Grindcore

1. Potential Zero
2. Tanah Air Beta
3. The Leader Has Gone
4. Respect All Ethnic, Kill The Racism
5. Naskleng!!
6. Fight Against Us
7. Feed Us Not Kill Us
8. Hate Song
9. Scream With Vision Unbelieve
10. Hukum Dan Keadilan Hanya Formalitas
11. Tak Akan Menyerah
12. Our Way
13. Brave On The Desert
14. Stop It
15. Punish
16. Grey Nation
17. Our Own Worst Enemy
18. Permanent Midnight
19. K.O. Song

Siksakubur - Tentara Merah Darah (2010)

Country: Indonesia
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

1.Darah Terpilih 01:08
2.Anak Lelaki Dan Serigala 05:23
3.Menanduk Melawan Tanduk 04:12
4.Neraka Setara Mata 05:08
5.Tentara Merah Darah 03:46
6.Kata Sebagai Senjata 04:18
7.Laskar Pelayan Kegelapan 05:06
8.Sayatan Kedua 04:12
9.Dewa Yang Terluka 04:17
10.Pusara Bala Tentara 05:34
11.Memoar Sang Pengobar 06:46

Kazanna - Will Of Heroes (EP) (2011)


Country : Malaysia
Genre : Symphonic Metal

1. Farewell For The Warrior
2. Will Of Heroes
3. Love Sophistry
4. Funeral Of Heart
5. Never Ending Story
6. The Tale Of Epic Marching Symphony
7. 2 Minutes To Escape

MILITANT ATTACK - Surrender or be Crush!!! (Ep)


MILITANT ATTACK - Surrender or be Crush!!! (Ep)
4 tracks (with slim black casing)
Price RM10
Produce by Evil Institution Records

KREMATION - Let Them Hate and Fear (Promo 2011)

KREMATION - Let Them Hate and Fear (Promo 2011)
2 tracks
Free outdoor sticker (4"x4") + Flyers
Price RM12
Produce by Eastern Voice Production
Release on 20 Mei 2011(Out Now)
for preview http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_8165695

Underground Music-Distro-Merchandise-
Label-contact : +60168765462 or eastern.voiceprod@gmail.com

Narratik - Sign of Semelai (Single 2011)


1 track with lyic + Logo Sticker (waterproof)
Pro cover printable cd
Price RM6 byhand, add $ for postal (*recommanded pos express envelope)
Released on 1st June 2011
Produce by Eastern Voice Production
Underground Music-Distro-Merchandise-
Label-contact : +60168765462 or eastern.voiceprod@gmail.com

RESURRECTION - Dark Maya (Single 2011)


Pro cover printable cd
1 song in 2 tracks
Price RM7 byhand
Underground Music-Distro-Merchandise-
Label-contact : +60168765462 or eastern.voiceprod@gmail.com

Singhasari - Kebangkitan Nusantara (EP)[2011]


Country : Malaysia
Genre : Melodic Black | Eastern Metal
Underground Music-Distro-Merchandise-Label-
contact : +60168765462 or eastern.voiceprod@gmail.com

1. Perarakan Masuk (Intro)
2. Srivijaya
3. Kebangkitan Nusantara
4. Rajawali
5. Semangat Kepahlawanan Silam (Interlude)
6. Pertempuran Gelap (Demi Kehormatan Senggaramasin)
7. Darah Musuh Di Mata Sundangku
8. Perarakan Keluar (Outro)


Dominator - Back From The Dead [EP] (2011)


Country : Malaysia
Genre : Melodic Death / Eastern Metal
Label: Dominator Records


01. The Beginning 1:03
02. Back From The Dead 5:40
03. Rising 4:08
04. Master & Servant 3:58
05. Total Chaos 2:50
06. Siren Of Death 7:55

Demonical Crisis Assembly - Open Fire (2010)


Country: Malaysia
Genre: Black Metal
Record Label Infernal Kaos Production (South Korea)


1. Battle Ov The Atlantic 02:51
2. The Rise Ov The Goat Soldier 05:06
3. Dominate : The Earth 03:47
4. Sign Ov The Conqueror 03:42
5. Monument Ov Sorrow 02:51
6. Beyond The Grace Ov War 01:44
7. The Black Regiment 04:55
8. War To End All Wars 04:06

Plug-in - Hijack (2011)


Country: France
Genre: Progressive Metal / Instrumental

1. Danthägl (feat. Mattias Eklundh and Christophe Godin), 06:23
2. Dropped, 05:36
3. Hijack, 06:03
4. Conkrete (feat. Sylvain Coudret), 06:41
5. Meeting Steeve, 05:34
6. Texas Instruments (feat. Andy Timmons), 06:09
7. B.O.B, 05:26
8. Ron To The Hills (feat. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal), 05:00
9. Sevilla (feat. Patrick Rondat), 09:36

PS: Great album, technically, melodic, beautiful, sometimes aggressive and played just perfect.

Autopsy - Macabre Eternal (2011)


Country : USA
Genre : Death Metal


01. Hand Of Darkness (5:19)
02. Dirty Gore Whore (5:45)
03. Always About To Die (5:13)
04. Macabre Eternal (4:39)
05. Deliver Me From Sanity (4:24)
06. Seeds Of The Doomed (5:26)
07. Bridge Of Bones (4:46)
08. Born Undead (4:00)
09. Sewn Into One (6:31)
10. Bludgeoned And Brained (4:09)
11. Sadistic Gratification (11:15)
12. Spill My Blood (3:40)

Blasphemer - Devouring Deception

Finally we come to the most Brutal of all these releases, though this is anything but retarded. It's so un-retarded it's almost scary. Scary that something can be so violent yet articulate. This EP from Blasphemer is pummelling, technical, precise, jet powered, and a veritable shot across the bow for the rest of the scene.  The material and performances showcased in the 3 new original tracks here delivers on levels not even hinted at on On the Inexistence of God, an album that, lest we forget, is pretty damn intense in its own right. The band haven't changed a huge amount; their style is still one of structural ADHD, and wind tunnel fury, but now they have an extra sharpened edge of hunger, vitality, and vinegar. They seem to have found their own sound too, which is particularly apparent when you contrast the new tracks with the re-mastered version of "Cloaca Of Iniquity" (from their debut), which reminds us how in thrall they were with their influences previously, especially Deeds of Flesh in the case of this track.  As with Unfathomable Ruination, Blasphemer only provide a minimal running time. The new original material here doesn't even touch 8 minutes worth! So as well as the aforementioned "Cloaca Of Iniquity", Blasphemer provide a lethal cover of Broken Hope's "I am God", revving it up in the brutality stakes so that it fits in almost seamlessly. All in all, despite the paucity of material, this EP is damn essential! 



the late 90s and early 00s the Swedish death metal scene was overrun by melody. Nearly every album exported from Sweden for the better part of a decade was a softer, gentler version of death metal that grew softer and more melodic with each passing year and each passing release until the releases could no longer even be described as death metal, it was just a mound of melodic mushy shit. In recent years, however, the underground has begun to stir and slowly, but surely the venomous hate spewed by the first wave of Swedish death metal bands has begun to bubble to the surface and fans, and the major metal labels, are starting to take notice.
AS YOU DROWN is one of the new bands emerging out of Sweden who embrace a heavier, angrier sound and putting the “death” and “metal” back into the term “death metal”, although they also seem to be adding the suffix “core” as well. The quintet’s Metal Blade Records debut, REFLECTION, isn’t an ode to the early days of Swedish death metal like ENTOMBED,CARNAGE, NIHILIST, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED and the like, but more a reflection of the current death metal scene, with heavily triggered drums, raspy barks, chuggy guitar tones and choppy riffs.
The most surprising aspect of REFLECTION is the production, which is very atypical of Swedish death metal and more akin to Swedish grindcore with the material having a strong NASUM sound to it. The chuggy riffs spread throughout the album’s 34 minute run time are a little unusual, having a sound more closely related to deathcore or metalcore than death metal, but the material is still heavy enough to have an overall death metal sound.
The song writing is okay, although none of the album’s 9 tracks are particularly memorable. The material just lacks any true depth to make me want to listen to this album repeatedly, it’s simply “okay” and not a terrible listen but as soon as I turn it off I can’t remember what I just heard and have to start it up again just to be reminded of how forgettable the album is.
There’s really nothing about AS YOU DROWN that will make you stand up and take notice. They play rather tedious, safe and predictable death metal that isn’t very inventive, although they do play it rather well. The NASUM sound is somewhat interesting, but the song writing is so uninspired I doubt anyone will bother listening to REFLECTION more than a couple of times before sticking it on a shelf to collect dust. This isn’t a horrible album, it’s just not a very interesting one. It’s a decent start, but these guys have a long way to go before they’ll inch their way up beyond mediocrity and stick out from the pack.



After two decades of releasing extraordinary music with sub-par sound, New York-based death metal legends IMMOLATIONhave finally released a studio effort with production values that match the quality of the band’s music.
Three years after the release of 2007′s SHADOWS IN THE LIGHT, IMMOLATION return with 12 tracks of crushing death metal in the form of MAJESTY AND DECAY. Like every IMMOLATION album before it, the album is overflowing with hypnotic rhythms, jaw dropping riffs, rumbling bass, tight drumming and raspy barks. What’s new is a flawless production that makes all of these elements stand out more than ever before.
On prior releases the overall audio quality can best be described as “shitty but tolerable.” If you’ve been a fan of the band over the past two decades you know that every release sounds like the microphones in the studio were wrapped in towels that muffled the vocals, guitars, bass and drums just enough to be a bit distracting. You knew you were listening to something awesome, but… as great as it was, you always felt like it could be just a bit better if they cleaned up the sound.
On their eighth try, they finally got it right because MAJESTY AND DECAY has the audio quality Immolation fans have been begging for. The recording was handled by long-time producer Paul Orofino, but the mastering was handled by Zack Ohren, known to death metal fans for his work with SEVERED SAVIOR (SERVILE INSURRECTION), SUFFOCATION (BLOOD OATH) and DECREPIT BIRTH (POLARITY). Every riff is clear and sharp, every snarl deep and guttural, every drum hit clear and powerful. It simply sounds amazing and I definitely hope the band continue to hire him in the future.
Other than the audio quality, the biggest gripe fans have had in recent years is the song writing wasn’t as inventive or interesting as it used to be. 2005′s HARNESSING RUIN was a low point where it just seemed like the band was going through the motions without putting forth their best effort. Riffs from earlier releases were being rehashed and the material just felt a little stale. IMMOLATION got back on track with SHADOWS IN THE LIGHT, and with this new effort, for the first time in a long time the band seems to be making steps forward.
While the song writing on MAJESTY AND DECAY pales in comparison to the work they did on their first four studio albums, it does include a couple of tracks that can be considered among their best songs to date. Several tracks, most notably the title track, would not sound out of place if they’d been included on HERE IN AFTER, FAILURES FOR GODS or CLOSE TO A WORLD BELOW. Despite several tracks being of superior quality, there is material that feels more like filler than top quality song writing. Overall things are looking good though.
Even the album cover artwork, handled by Par Olofsson, is top notch and a vast improvement over their past two releases. No offense to Sven de Caluwe of ABORTED who did the artwork for HARNESSING RUIN and SHADOWS IN THE LIGHT, but he’s no Andreas Marschall. The digital painting by Par Olofsson is a stunning piece and one I find myself staring at for long periods of time, admiring all of the small details. It’s the little things like this that made IMMOLATION‘s earlier work stand out, and it really helps sell the total package.
Minor gripes aside, there’s no doubt this is an excellent release, and among the best 2010 had to offer. Over the past 10 months there hasn’t been an album I’ve listened to more than MAJESTY AND DECAY and while it won’t go down as a classic, it’s definitely a must-hear album. IMMOLATION fans will hear enough great new material to keep them satisfied, and, surprisingly enough, it’s actually garnered a fair amount of attention from younger fans and even some publications who have generally frowned upon IMMOLATION‘s sound in the past. If the band continues along this path, the future is looking bright for Yonkers’ finest!


BLACK WITCHERY has been around in some form or another since 1991, which is a lifetime in music.  Most recently, they’ve had full-length releases in 2001 and 2005.  While I haven’t heard DESECRATION OF THE HOLY KINGDOM or UPHEAVAL OF SATANIC MIGHT, I can kind of guess how those releases sound.  Brutal, straight-forward death metal with one-dimensional vocal deliveries thrown in.
Their previous albums are, most likely, comparable to INFERNO OF SACRED DESTRUCTION, which presents as a streamlined version of TEITANBLOOD’S SEVEN CHALICES or DIOCLETIAN’S WAR OF ALL AGAINST ALL.” The vocals are brutal, offering a caustic delivery from the beginning with “Haulocaustic Church Devastation” and continuing throughout the album.  There is not a lot of vocal variation, but the straightforward death metal approach works and is the highlight of the band’s performance.  Meaning, of course, that the guitars, bass, and drums are competent, but probably not offering anything you haven’t hear before.
The delivery of the drums and guitars are relentless, and the band doesn’t let up at all save for a short interlude called“Sepulchral Witchcraft.” As a matter of fact, with the album clocking in at only 23 minutes, one could argue that the album is far too short. Yet, in some respects, that is the strength of the CD.  With no 8-minute songs, there is just enough devastation to keep ones interest.  The album doesn’t plod along endlessly and make itself tedious to get through.  The band seems to know that this style of brutal metal is best served in palatable doses, and delivers accordingly.
If the 23 minutes of material is not enough, then the 20 page booklet and a bonus live DVD titled LIVE RITUAL OF CHAOS – LIVE HELSKINKI 24/10/09 containing 7 tracks, should more than satisfy your cravings.
Fans of TEITANBLOOD, WITCHRIST, DIOCLETIAN, or VASAELETH will not be disappointed in this release and should definitely pick it up.


Burzum Belus (Baldr/Baldur)

came out of prison. It is a concept album about Belus (Baldr/Baldur), his death and how he returned after a journey through the underworld.
The album starts with a more ambient intro. There is total silence and a sound that is hard to describe. The first song, Belus’ Død attracts immediate attention. It’s a mid tempo song and it stays this way. Varg Vikernes changes clean vocals with grunt sometimes. The distorted guitars and drums are pretty repetitive during the song. Glemselens Elv. The intro is more dynamic and the bassguitar is very present during this song. It’s a little bit faster then Belus’ Død’. Clean vocals are mixed with grunts during the whole song.It stays like this for about twelve minutes, with ofcourse some tempo changes and so on. The next song, Kaimadalthas’ Nedstigning starts more agressive then the other songs. A wall of guitarnoise is coming right at you. This changes during the song, I think this will be the most diverse song on the album. There are a lot of intervals, with vocals of guitarriffs. If I needed to pick a favorite song, it would be this one. Sverrdans, a short up tempo song, with a cool guitarrif, getting faster and the end. A nice change amongst all the mid-tempo songs of this album. Keliohosten& Morgenrøde are very spheric songs. Especially Morgenrøde sounds almost dreamy because of the variation of the guitars. After three minutes this song becomes an instrumental song. Belus’ Tilbakekomst is the outro of this album, almost hypnotising at the end.
Diversity may not be Belus’ strongest point but the album itself is very good. There are some repetitive parts but they are not boring, not a dull moment while listening. It’s spheric and and raw.Varg made a damn good album, make sure you listen to it!

Rating: 8/10.


Orgy Of Murder is their third full-length after quite some time. The band split up a few years ago but reformed in 2010. The previous full-length is dated back from 2003. So it’s about time to hear something from Gorgasm again. The artwork and the title tells you enough what the lyrical content will be. Enough gore and perversion for all of us! Orgy Of Murder is fast with nice grooves here and there. There’s plenty of variation between sorts of riffs like blast beats, breakdowns and melodies. There’s actually nothing bad to point out. Everything is well produced. The vocals are clear, and so are the backing vocals, which is another plus. The same goes for the drums. The double bass is not used too often and there are a lot of tempo changes. And the guitars are divided by a left and right guitar. The guitars play a lower and a higher melody after playing the melody for a second time. Of course this is not the case during the little breakdowns. This is a great album for the death metal fans out there. Cool riffs and lots of variation with a few short intros. And short intros are okay; long intros can get annoying when you listen to it very often. Taking everything into account: Orgy Of Murder is half an hour of brutal quality.
Rating: 8/10
Tracklist:  1. Bloodlust 2. Dity Cunt Beatdown 3. Axe To Mouth 4. Infection Induced Erection 5. Decapitation Sodomy 6. Exhibit Of Repugnance 7. Cum Inside The Carcass 8. Third Degree Taste 9. Erotic Dislimbing 10. Scourge Of The Christians 11. Silence Follows Dismemberment

Deicide -To Hell With God

The Florida based death metal band, Deicide, started in 1987 with Glen Benton and Steve Asheim. Both of them have been in the band for over two decades, releasing nine full-lengths. And this is number ten: To Hell With God. With a band like this, having this much material, you know what you can expect from a new album. Brutal and blasphemous music full with hatred. First of all, looking at the atwork, I must say I like this one. Skeletons reaching for a messiah to drag him to hell. Makes sense with the title and it really looks dark en hellish. When I just listened to it, it surprised me, in a good way. I had lower expectations to be honest, because I wasn’t a big fan of the previous albums. Especially the solos are an improvement to me. They fit better in the songs now. The songs in general are very interesting. Before you know it, you have been listening to the complete album. Ready to start all over again. When I finished it for the first time, I immediately started again from the beginning. The chorus of the first track, which is also the title-track, is one of my favorites of the album. Servant of the Enemy gets the credits for being the song with the most interesting guitar riffs. Mostly because of the intro riff, which is pretty atmospheric. My conclusion is that Deicide is back in bussiness to me, personally. Previous releases have been accepted with a lot of positives responses so I can imagine this would have even better one, even though I didn’t really like the previous ones. To Hell With God is pretty good and it will be played some more times over here.

Rating: 8/10

Tracklist: 1. To Hell With God (4:20) 2. Save Your (3:32) 3. Witness of Death (3:05) 4. Conviction (3:15) 5. Empowered by Blasphemy (3:16) 6. Angels of Hell (3:12) 7. Hang In Agony Until You’re Dead (3:59) 8. Servant of the Enemy (3:17) 9. Into the Darkness You Go (3:32) 10. How Can You Call Yourself a God (4:15)

Agathocles - This is Not a Threat, It's a Promise (REVIEW)

If you don't know this legendary/phenomenally prolific grind band then I would request you to kindly get the fuck out of here. Go. Now. What you still doing here? Leave! Yeah, that is better. Move on. Hey I can still see your shoe. Out, out! Sorry, I am getting tired of coming up with different ways to introduce this band to our readers.
This is not a Threat, it's a Promise is the latest (at the exact time of writing this review i.e. Sunday, 11:37am IST) full album by Agathocles. I was going to compare this album of theirs to a full length album I reviewed about a year back but I find out that they released another full length album in between. What the fuck man! How am I supposed to keep up? These guys are releasing albums faster than I can type their names! It is a good thing that the Agathocles disc is currently spinning because it is pretty darn effective in pacifying me. Their raw, crusty, catchy and of course noisy cathartic grind music brings almost instant relief. It is far from the most original thing I have heard but at such times I don't want to spend time familiarizing myself with angry music. I want something which is like a best friend to me – one that I can relate too and at the same time doesn't demand too much from you. You fucking want to vent out your frustrations along with it, bang your head off to it, and basically have a jolly good time. You know?
This is not just another one of those ultra generic interchangeable grind albums though. It is as solid if not more in comparison to Grind is Protest, which was a very solid album in the first place and was almost like a comeback of sorts (two Agathocles years = a decade for most other grind bands). This is not a Threat, it's a Promise not only retains the form and heaviness of Grind In Protest, but throws in some tasteful, slower and catchier moments which help immensely to break the monotony. “Peoples Property” for instance has this nice relaxed old school part with a sweet lead going on. Even the one following it opens with a lovely foot-tapping bass intro and has those crust leads reminiscent ofDisgust. Then there are also a few innovative songs such as “God Save the Real Green Crocodile” which has this highly charming Jamaican-sounding tune with clean singing. I danced to it in a makeshift tutu. And of course tore it violently in the next back-to-the-grind song. “Motherfucker (Swing that Axe)” and “Aside” are a slower songs with very compelling rocking tunes. While I am citing a few instances of when they try to do things a little differently, never forget the sheer power and blistering intensity of Agathocles.
Is this an essential album, you ask? Well, the answer depends on how many Agathocles albums you have in your collection. Bearing in mind that it is mandatory for any self-confessed grind fan to have at least one, this album is sure a very good one to start with. Even the by now poor Agathocles fans should buy it, for it is among their strongest albums in recent years and offers enough goodies to satiate any grind fan. This is not a threat, it's a promise.

Arven - Music of Light (2011)

Country: Germany
Genre: Folk / Power Metal


1. Music Of Light
2. On Flaming Wings
3. Raise Your Cups
4. My Dear Friend
5. World Of Hatred
6. Dark Red Desire
7. Midwinter Nights
8. Till Death Do Us Apart
9. Ruined Castle
10. A Stranger's Story

Eccentric Pendulum - Winding the Optics (2011)

Country: India
Genre: Thrash / Death Metal / Metalcore


1. The Axioms Of Aphotic Expressions
2. De-Engineer The Prevalent
3. Paragon Impermanence
4. Become Me
5. Mathematicians Of Ambient Waters
6. My Eucalyptine Depth
7. Anonymous Existence [Instrumental]

Sebastian Bach - Kicking & Screaming [2011]

Genre: Heavy Metal
Lyrical Themes: Love | Relationships | Metal | Rock
Country: USA
Release: September | 27th | 2011
Label: Frontiers

1. Kicking & Screaming
2. My Own Worst Enemy
3. TunnelVision (featuring John 5)
4. Dance on Your Grave
5. Caught in a Dream
6. As Long as I Got the Music
7. I'm Alive
8. Dirty Power
9. Live the Life
10. Dream Forever
11. One Good Reason
12. Lost in the Light
13. Wishin'

* Sebastian Bach: Vocals
* Bobby Jarzombek: Drums
* Nick Sterling: Guitars, Bass

Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two (Limited Edition) [2011]

Genre: Progressive Metal
Lyrical Themes: Humanity | The Concept Of God | Society
Country: Sweden
Release: September | 26th | 2011
Label: InsideOut

1. Road Salt Theme
2. Softly She Cries
3. Conditioned
4. Healing Now
5. To The Shoreline
6. Eleven
7. 1979
8. The Deeper Cut
9. Mortar Grind
10. Through The Distance
11. The Physics Of Gridlock
12. End Credits

* Daniel Gildenlöw: Vocals (lead), Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Guitars (fretless), Bass
* Johan Hallgren: Guitars, Vocals (additional)
* Fredrik Hermansson: Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Mellotron
* Léo Margarit: Drums, Vocals (backing)

Cipher System - Communicate The Storms

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Release: September | 9th | 2011
Label: Nuclear Blast

1. 7 Inch Cut
2. Forget to Forgive
3. Communicate the Storms
4. Gods Terminal
5. End My Path
6. Objection
7. The Stairway
8. A Lesson Learned
9. Project Life Collapse
10. The Failure Starts
11. The Universe On Hold (Bonus Track)

* Carl Obbel: Vocals
* Johan Eskilsson: Guitars
* Andreas Allenmark: Guitars
* Henric Carlsson: Bass
* Emil Frisk: Drums
* Peter Engström: Keyboards