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BLACK WITCHERY has been around in some form or another since 1991, which is a lifetime in music.  Most recently, they’ve had full-length releases in 2001 and 2005.  While I haven’t heard DESECRATION OF THE HOLY KINGDOM or UPHEAVAL OF SATANIC MIGHT, I can kind of guess how those releases sound.  Brutal, straight-forward death metal with one-dimensional vocal deliveries thrown in.
Their previous albums are, most likely, comparable to INFERNO OF SACRED DESTRUCTION, which presents as a streamlined version of TEITANBLOOD’S SEVEN CHALICES or DIOCLETIAN’S WAR OF ALL AGAINST ALL.” The vocals are brutal, offering a caustic delivery from the beginning with “Haulocaustic Church Devastation” and continuing throughout the album.  There is not a lot of vocal variation, but the straightforward death metal approach works and is the highlight of the band’s performance.  Meaning, of course, that the guitars, bass, and drums are competent, but probably not offering anything you haven’t hear before.
The delivery of the drums and guitars are relentless, and the band doesn’t let up at all save for a short interlude called“Sepulchral Witchcraft.” As a matter of fact, with the album clocking in at only 23 minutes, one could argue that the album is far too short. Yet, in some respects, that is the strength of the CD.  With no 8-minute songs, there is just enough devastation to keep ones interest.  The album doesn’t plod along endlessly and make itself tedious to get through.  The band seems to know that this style of brutal metal is best served in palatable doses, and delivers accordingly.
If the 23 minutes of material is not enough, then the 20 page booklet and a bonus live DVD titled LIVE RITUAL OF CHAOS – LIVE HELSKINKI 24/10/09 containing 7 tracks, should more than satisfy your cravings.
Fans of TEITANBLOOD, WITCHRIST, DIOCLETIAN, or VASAELETH will not be disappointed in this release and should definitely pick it up.


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