Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011

Blasphemer - Devouring Deception

Finally we come to the most Brutal of all these releases, though this is anything but retarded. It's so un-retarded it's almost scary. Scary that something can be so violent yet articulate. This EP from Blasphemer is pummelling, technical, precise, jet powered, and a veritable shot across the bow for the rest of the scene.  The material and performances showcased in the 3 new original tracks here delivers on levels not even hinted at on On the Inexistence of God, an album that, lest we forget, is pretty damn intense in its own right. The band haven't changed a huge amount; their style is still one of structural ADHD, and wind tunnel fury, but now they have an extra sharpened edge of hunger, vitality, and vinegar. They seem to have found their own sound too, which is particularly apparent when you contrast the new tracks with the re-mastered version of "Cloaca Of Iniquity" (from their debut), which reminds us how in thrall they were with their influences previously, especially Deeds of Flesh in the case of this track.  As with Unfathomable Ruination, Blasphemer only provide a minimal running time. The new original material here doesn't even touch 8 minutes worth! So as well as the aforementioned "Cloaca Of Iniquity", Blasphemer provide a lethal cover of Broken Hope's "I am God", revving it up in the brutality stakes so that it fits in almost seamlessly. All in all, despite the paucity of material, this EP is damn essential! 


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