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Discografia | Discography - Concerto Moon

Origin: Japan (Kagawa)
Genre: Power | Neoclassical Metal

Current line-up
Takashi Inoue - Vocals (Blood IV)
Norifumi Shima - Guitar (Double Dealer, D.T.F.M., Crystal Clear (Jpn), Dion (Jpn))
Toshiyuki Sugimori - Bass (2009-)
Masayuki Osada - Drums (Blood IV, Crystal Clear (Jpn), Emerald Aisles, Shrieker, Moonstruck (Jpn)

From Father To Son[1998]
Fragments Of The Moon[2000]
The End of the Beginning(Live album)[2001]
Gate Of Triumph[2001]
Destruction And Creation(Best of/Compilation)[2002]
Life On The Wire[2003]
(Live)Once in a Life Time[2003]
After the Double Cross[2004]
Rise from Ashes[2008]
Angel of Chaos[2010]

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