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Haha,ni antara bio band yang akan 'berperang' dalam SMF10th annivesary nanti..jangan sampai tak tau pula,lebih lengkap,layari myspace /laman web dorang..boleh sing a long time gig nanti..heheh


The first complete VORMIT lineup was formed in early 1991 with four band members. After recording the "Blossom in Putrid " demo in december 1991, the lineup was solidified to include founding members Adrian Boi (guitars) and Leo Ansi (vocals), along with Simon Cartridge (drums) and Richmond Nyalang Sudok (bass). This became to be known as the "original" lineup. Not many realized the existence of the track until in mid 1992,where second demo track "The God Project" were recorded. The concept somehow changed the band's tune from the pure grindcore gore to melodic speed death grind, and so was the line up too. The God Project was composed by so-called the 2nd generation of the band, consists of Macmillian (PIKE), Austin Wen (/TOTALLY DEAD/PUTRID/RELOAD), Harris Tengsoi (MORGUE), Alex Jayson (PUTRID/POINTBLANK) and Simon himself. Alex called it a day when he and Adrian decided to reunite their former band, MENTOR. Alex Ang (BEDLAM) joined the band for a while on the voice. Later, he left VORMIT and founded his band called FNVKT.COM. Now, Alex is currently playing for COSMIC FUNK EXPRESS. VORMIT’s operation went downhil after The God Project released on the same year.The band suddenly muted for no particular reasons but somehow still exist in Sarawak underground music industry. Despite being hibernated for almost seven years, VORMIT had an opportunity to reunite again in their "Reunion Gathering" in 1999 at Jupiter Pub, Kuching. After the tertiary, Austin and Simon had decided to revive the band once again. With the new lineup of Norisk and Shy8 (GRIMKRONY) in voice and bass, together with new shredder David (MORGUE). The band later went on to record their 2002 "Calendar Sadness”in EP mono sound. The completion of Calendar Sadness was seen as an experimental approach to generate so-called the new VORMIT line up in the beginning of the millenium. David’s destiny with VORMIT ended in 2003 after he decided to pursue his career . He was replaced by ROBLITZ’s guitarist, Khirman Kiprawi, up until now. After having a deep discussion among themselves to decide the on the direction of the band, VORMIT decided to continue surviving in gigs and mini concerts throughout the Cat city. They were noticed after having the opening act for NECROTIC CHAOS at Klampai Pub, Kuching, back in 2003, which played alongside LARRONZ and KHEROW. NECROTIC CHAOS was having its REGIME GROTESQUE tour in the land of the headhunters, consisting Bintulu and Sibu division before ended their tour in Kuching.Also they had performed on numerous occasion with international band MANTAK and SIL KHANNAZ in sibu and had built some rapport with thier fans in the state's central region. The Sarawak‘s grindcorenaids later appeared in GEGARAN METAL 2004 once again playing along side the heavy weights of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand extreme metal groups such as SIL KHANNAZ, NECROTIC CHAOS, ATHOTORGH, MISTIK, NEGATION, RUDRA (Singapore), LACERATE (Thailand), DEMIZER , DAMOKIS, AGHAST, TANDUS, LOGAM and BREAK THE SILENCE at Chin Woo Hall, Kuala Lumpur. Promo pack EP “Suicide Motives” was recorded at Streamline Studio and released in May 2004. The EP was part of the full length “Life Is Your Enemy” LP. The year 2005 was the mark of a great comeback for VORMIT throughout the years of surviving up to 15 years at present. On the same year, VORMIT once again played as one of the supporting act for SIL KHANNAZ showcase in Sibu. For the first time ever, VORMIT appeared in ROCK THE WORLD VI together with another Malaysia Metal icon, LANGSUYR, to wreck the stage in front of approximately thirty thousands steadfast fans. The subsequent year, VORMIT signed to Menjrx Nerto Production releasing their self-produced 2006 debut CD, "Life is Your Enemy", but the agreement and the arrangement with the label was considered a failure after the label was unable to push the material to the market. VORMIT later decided to let go the MNP offer and later had a talk with another local label namely Eastern Voice Production. The one year delayed album finally released under EVP in 2007.

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