Selasa, 9 September 2014


PRE-SALE ticket for BORNEO EXTREME FEST out now! Please contact :
Simon Engka Crown ( 014-575 0990) 
Ma'el Boojard(010-987 3494) 
for booked.pre-sale are open only to SARAWAK/SABAH and BRUNEI.the reason we only sell the pre-ticket to BORNEO island first are to make thing easy and least crowded at ticket counter the day of anyone from BORNEO ISLAND please get your ticket more early.the pre-sale and at door are same. RM120(PER-PERSON)
 BROUGHT TO YOU BY : Persatuan Greak Rintis Industri Muzik Metal Kuching (GRIMMS)/ Sarawak Metal Force Entertainment Group/Asia Karunguni Merchandise and Event Management.

Cakap banyak pun tak guna,ni CARCASS bang..jangan lupa tarikh diatas..DATANG,SUPPORT dan ENJOY sama-sama ok!

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