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UNGODLY DEATH formed in early 1987, when Manny and Ojai met in Kuching City, “The Ancient Land of The Headhunters”, where they had played Guitar together. They decided to start a band, with Manny taking up Guitar/Vox and Ojai, instead of his native guitar, placed himself at the Drums. The duo searched for a second Guitar and Poggy answered. They were also joined by a bassist, Wisma. Not for long, Poggy left the band to pursue other musical interest and was than replaced by Martino@TIOK.

Ungodly Death is one of the few bands raised from the underground scene in Sarawak during the late 1980s. The name "Ungodly Death" originated when the band was practically looking for a name which represents brutality, black and the extreme death metal genre.

After couple of successful performance, Ojai left the band to fill the drums in Senseless Death(Senseless). Jiptz @ JEEP of Impish was called in to fill in the gap and round out the band. There were a few more changes especially on Bass Guitar. After staying for one gig with Jeep, Wisma left the band and was replaced by Murphy on Bass. Murphy stayed for a couple of gigs but again make another exit in the band lineups. His replacement is Ocoi who took the Bass and stayed on.

Based in Kuching City, Malaysia, UNGODLY DEATH performed their first gig there on one Sunday in 1987, at a local club Starlight(Hollywood East). They played mainly covers, including songs by Kreator, Death, but quickly added originals to their repertoire. Together with few other bands such as Senseless Death(Senseless), Mortuary, Immortal, Psycho Death(Sputum), Lost Infidel and Crucify(Blockheads), the band also performed in couple of Gigs around Kuching City.

In 1992, Ungodly Death released their first “LOST NATIONS” demo which was done in a Live Studio Recording and released it on Cassette tapes. Manny contributed and wrote all the songs in the Lost Nations demo. Writing he’s own music, the 5 tracks “Lost Nations” demo, demonstrates another dimension of instrumental mastery and talent, as well as making the music more personal and less manufactured. Listen beyond the rough guitar sound and grating vocals, Ungodly Death music is Melodic, Horror and Doomy.. not forgetting the element of extreme death metal. There are melodies, patterns, and complexities to be realized and appreciated in Ungodly Death music.. It’s more than just idiotic noise.

Due, however, to irreconcilable differences, the band rested soon after their final Gig at the Kuching Plaza Shopping Complex, Kuching City in 1996. Their final shows with the band also featured the support of guitarist from Blockhead, Budie. At the same time, there was also plan to release a second demo but was never executed.

1996 final lineups

1. MANNY – Guitar/Vocal
2. MARTINO@TIOK – Guitar
3. OCOI – Bass
4. JEEP – Drums

AFTER RESTING, over 13 Years, in June 2009, Ungodly Death debuted their new lineup, with the additions of ADEL of Death Krolbt on 2nd Guitar and KURT of SIDS on Bass while maintaining MANNY as the founder/front man on Guitar/Vox and the return of JEEP behind the Drums. The now 4-piece Ungodly Death returned to the studio rehearses tracks from the legendary Lost Nations demo and few never released tracks. The “Lost Nations” demo was again re-released on CD-R but due to the poor sound quality, Ungodly death plans to record their never released tracks and also re-record Morbid Theism in a studio quality version. Along with 14 other bands, Ungodly Death performed 5 tracks from their Lost Nations demo including one of their never released tracks in front of anxious crowds when they highlighted the “Tribute of The Abyss” Gig which was held on September 19, 2009 at the Volcano 8 Club, 7th Mile Kota Sentosa, to remember the lost of their dear brother, ZUL “The Abyss” founder and band member of SENSELESS who past away on October 19 2008. The gig was organized by the Sarawak Metal Force to commemorate the valuable contribution of “The Abyss” in the risen of the underground scene in Sarawak during the late 1980s.

After the legendary comeback, as a result, Ungodly Death released a live and rehearsal compilation video from the “Tribute to The Abyss” Gig while the rehearsal video shots was done at JDEN Studio, PJ in Kuching City.

Current lineups

1 MANNY – Guitar/Vocal
2 ADEL – Guitar
3 KURT – Bass
4 JEEP – Drums.

Ungodly Death are currently in studios rehearsing for their upcoming gigs.

Ungodly Death would like to thanks personally the support of Sarawak Metal Force, Zul”The Abyss”(RIP), Azam, Ismail, Simon, Andy, Wak “You’re the Man”, Hisyam“Itu Ko Dia”, Budie“Bapak”, Pian“Tabuh”, Aretung, Hafiz, Ijan, Sarel, Boy, Lan, As “Son of Odin”, Osman Yusuf(EVP), Blockhead, Senseless, Resurrections, Sputum, Rob-blitz,Unitheism, Mentally Murdered, Vormit, Majalah Karisma for giving a great article review and many more that have contributed to the comeback of Ungodly Death..

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